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When it comes to personal care, you want to make sure you have everything you need to take care of your mind and body. From health essentials to beauty products, Mediland Healthcare Distributors has you covered with high quality items from top brands and most of the brands are home grown such as Nile Water & Sprinterade sports drinks. Of course, there are more beauty essentials than just skin and hair care products. From makeup and lashes maintenance products to face and body wash, Mediland has you covered so you can feel and look amazing every day. You can pick up everything you need to stay clean and refreshed. We are the exclusive African partner for VLCC products – thus we are here  to help you feel your very best.

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Sprinterade Sports drinks

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Hues & Tones make up, nails & lashes brand

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Hues and Tones

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H & T is black, female owned cosmetics brand, geared towards the makeup lover, with an eye and appreciation for exceptionally crafted cosmetic product.  H & T is a Premium Cosmetics Brand For The Woman With Discerning Taste In Make-Up, And A Love For Variety And A Superior Product.  Product range includes;

  • Liquid matte lipsticks, with shades such as bombshell, drippin’, mocha, blush, peace and sunset.
  • Mink eye lashes, both magnetc and eyeconic mink lashes
  • Hydrating lipgross and eye shadows.        

Bottled in Botswana under our sister company Real Plastics & Mould, it is the home of Botswana’s preferred water brands, Nile & Waves.  Nile brand has the best sparkling water in Botswana. Sparkling (carbonated)  water has benefits for digestion. It may improve swallowing, increase feelings of fullness, and reduce constipation.  Water is usually the best choice before, during, and after physical activity.  We recommend water to be taken all the times and at all seasons.  Visit for more information like the “Nile Water Botswana” facebook page.

Sprinterade sports drink is Botswana’s first sports drink, made in Botswana.   It is recommended for those physically active to use sports drink to hydrate and replace electrolytes.  You might benefit from a sports drink if you have sweated a lot during activities that are intense or last a long time. For example, a runner or cyclist in a long-distance event could use a sports drink to hydrate and replace electrolytes.  People use sports drinks to replace water (rehydrate) and electrolytes lost through sweating after activity. Electrolytes are minerals, such as potassiumcalciumsodium, and magnesium, that keep the body’s balance of fluids at the proper level.  Sprinterade sports drink is available in 4 different flavours.   Follow the “Kamoso Africa” Linkedin & facebook pages for more.

With the motto of transforming lives, the brand ‘VLCC’ aims to spark self-transformation, spread happiness and imbibe every individual with wellness.

Products portfolio includes;

  • Face care
  • Sun care & eye care
  • Concern products including Acne, dry & oily skin, fairness, and anti-ageing, tan removal and pignmentation
  • Ingredients such as Almonds, Aloe vera, Charcoal, Tumeric, Vitamic E e.t.c
  • Summer care products